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I understand that all imagery of Earth as a ball is a Fraud. What we are presented with is computer generated cartoon imagery. There are NO real unmanipulated photographs of the entire Earth. NONE. ALL imagery appearing to show curvature is simply using a wide angle lens which gives a "fish-eye" distortion. This fish eye effect is commonly known and easily correctable with just the click of a button in any decent video editing program. WE DO NOT OBSERVE THIS CURVATURE IN REALITY. THERE IS NO OBSERVABLE, MEASURABLE, TESTABLE CURVATURE. Now if the rest of you would quit being so Godd*mn dismissive and that thru your thick f*cking skulls that would be great. They fkn lied to us. They are still fkn lying to us. What does it matter? How does that affect me? DID YOU FKN NOT HERE WHAT I SAID? The fkn image of Earth as we've been taught to believe is a complete farce. Call me crazy, IDGAF. ITS A CULT. And everybody makes choices..

F*ck the rich man's War.


#EarthNotAGlobe #ModernDayFlatEarth #FlatEarth #NasaFails